C2G Launches “Closer to Home” Program for Tourism Organizations

Focus on Regional Travel Combats Gas Price Concerns

There’s no shortage of hype and hysteria in the media these days surrounding high gas prices and their potential impact on travelers this summer, and so here at C2G we’re introducing a new program to help tourism organizations target travelers seeking vacations closer to home due to soaring gas prices.

The program, which runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day, allows for a special ‘takeover’ of all of the promotional inventory within a specific region on our popular Website Cost2Drive.com.  That means that a CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau) or DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) can target travelers within their regional feeder markets.

We’ve broken the US down into 5 regions and for the first time ever are giving a single tourism organization in each region the exclusive opportunity to promote their destination to all of the travelers that enter routes originating within their region on Cost2Drive.com.  For example, a destination in the Midwest can target travelers entering routes originating from 11 states within the Midwest Region.

5 Regions Available for Closer to Home Program

We’ve seen traffic soar on Cost2Drive.com due to skyrocketing gas prices as now over 1,000 travelers visit us every day to plan upcoming trips.  This is an ideal time for tourism organizations to reach them with offers and promotions for attractions that are closer to home as this audience is already concerned about the impact high gas prices will have on their summer travel budget.   And to make the campaigns even more effective we’re adding a third ad unit to the site that allows for the promotion of special offers.

This program is available to 5 exclusive partners during the summer (one per region) on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you represent a DMO or CVB and are interested in learning more about our Closer to Home program please contact me at jim@costtogo.com.

Happy Driving!

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