New Zealand Leapfrogs Amalfi Coast as Top Road Trip Destination

Is New Zealand the Hot New Destination for Car Travelers?

Millford Sound, New Zealand

Millford Sound, New Zealand Photo Credit: Hector de Pereda

A couple of years ago National Geographic Traveler Magazine ran a fantastic feature about 50 extraordinary road trips called the Drives of a Lifetime.  The feature was so popular they made it into a hardcover book depicting 500 great road trips across the world.  We thought it would be neat to plot out the 50 ultimate road trips in Google Maps to see if people would use them, and boy did they ever.  When we checked back  last April the itineraries had been viewed over 10,000 times and at that time the Amalfi Coast road trip itinerary was the clear winner getting nearly 14% of all visits.

What a difference a year makes.  Checking back in on the latest results we were thrilled to see that now over 20,000 people had viewed the trips and surprised to learn that the New Zealand North Island road trip itinerary has surpassed the Amalfi Coast as the top road trip destination.  Some other up-and-coming destinations that broke into the top 10 road trips include Dalton Highway, Alaska, the Cherohala Skyway through North Carolina and Tennessee and the Netherlands Flower Route.  What’s interesting is that even though the large majority of the 50 trips are in North America, 4 of the top 10 road trips are outside this region (England’s Cornish Coast being the fourth).

Top 10 Road TripsHere is a link to view the New Zealand itinerary in Google Maps and you can find links to all of the other road trip itineraries here,  They even work on mobile smartphones like the iPhone and Android phones and look wonderful on Apple’s iPad, a device we think is perfectly suited for road trippers.

Have you taken any of these 50 ultimate road trip adventures?  What are your favorites?  Share your experiences below, or tell us about other amazing road trips you’ve experienced.

Happy Driving!

If  you’d like to see the full list of how all 50 itineraries ranked send me an email at

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