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Ten Bizarre Facts About Our National Parks

There really isn't a Jellystone National Park

In Honor of National Park Week We Uncover Ten Bizarre Facts Related to our National Parks

  1. Dry Tortugas National Park is actually surrounded by water (it’s a group of seven islands off Key West).
  2. Conversely, Capitol Reef National Park is nowhere near the water, it’s in the middle of the desert in Utah.
  3. There are many US National Forests, but  Petrified Forest isn’t one of them (it’s a National Park).
  4. An event can be part of the National Park Service (i.e, the National Cherry Blossom Festival )
  5. There’s a high school among the National Parks (Central High School in Little Rock, AR)
  6. There are several National Parks outside the 50 states (but in US territories Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa)
  7. National Parks aren’t limited to this planet…there’s a Craters of the Moon National Monument (though it’s actually in Idaho)
  8. Two National Parks have the word Devil in them (Devils Tower and Devils Postpile National Monuments)
  9. Several rivers and trails are designated as National Parks such as the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail that cuts across many states.
  10. A musical style can be designated a National Park as in the New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park.
  11. Extra Bonus: Jellystone really isn’t a National Park (we thought we’d clear this up as someone searched for it in our new national park pages).