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20 Funniest Routes from 2011

The Top 20 Silliest, Ironic and Naughty Routes from Cost2Drive

Pouring over the data from more than 1 million trips entered on the Cost2Drive Website and iPhone app in 2011 I came across the following route:

From Whistler, BC to Prairie due Chien, WI

If you understand a little French you’ll know that prairie du chien literally translates to dog prairie, and I chuckled when I saw it combined with whistler as whistle and dog seemed like a funny combination.  I decided to dig through tens of thousands of other route pairs entered on Cost2Drive in 2011 to see if I could find any more humorous combinations and below are the results.

  1. Great Neck, NY to Lynchburg, VAgallows humor
  2. Plymouth, MA to Mechanicville, NY…if you’ve ever owned one you’ll get this
  3. Wellfleet, MA to Sinking Spring, PA
  4. Belle Chasse, LA to Deerfield, IL (belle chase translates to ‘good hunt’)
  5. Newton, MA to Appleton, WI
  6. Rushville, NY to Shippagan, New Brunswick…haste makes waste
  7. Loveland, CO to Kissimmee, FL
  8. Champaign, IL to Little Creek, DE…for those with small bladders
  9. Washington, DC to Circleville, OH…my only political commentary
  10. Butler, PA to Leavenworth, KS…he obviously did it
  11. Norwood, MA to Widener, AR…Buffalo Bills are still recovering from this one
  12. Norman, OK to Batesville, AR….MOOOOTHHHEEERRR!!
  13. Clinton, CT to Bushville, NY…Nov. 2001
  14. Cherry Hill, NJ to Pittsfield, MA
  15. Cedar Falls, IA to Lumberton, TX…cue the groans
  16. Napoleonville, LA to Waterloo, IA… we all know how this trip ends
  17. Vestal, NY to Bangor, ME…the naughty one
  18. Winchester, VA to Flower Mound, TX…live by the sword..
  19. Old Bridge, NY to Pray, MT
  20. Fruitport, MI to Flushing, NY

We hope you enjoyed our top 20 list as much as we enjoyed putting it together.  Its a great deal of fun thinking about the different city combinations and if you’re the creative type feel free to add your own funny routes using the comments feature below.  If we like it we may highlight your submission in a future post.

Happy New Year and Safe Driving in 2012!