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CarTripper Wins Week 2 of Search for Next Big Thing in Tech!

Places First in Bloomberg TV – TechStars Startup Competition

A week ago we were informed that our vision for evolving Cost2Drive into a new kind of trip planning application for car travelers was one of 5 startups selected by Bloomberg TV and TechStars in their quest to identify the “Next Big Thing in Tech”.  We were of course thrilled with the news, and what followed was a chaotic, nerve-wracking week that culminated with the selection of CarTripper as winner of Week#2 of the competition.

CarTripper Wins Week #2 of Startup Competition

As a weekly winner we’ll vie for the top position against the 9 other weekly winners at the culmination of the contest.  The winner will not only be featured on Bloomberg TV but will also automatically become a finalist for the TechStars NYC winter program, a program that is reputed to be “tougher to get into than Harvard or Yale.”

This exciting news builds on the  momentum we’ve been feeling since this beginning of the year and we can’t wait to reveal some new products we’ve been working on in the coming weeks.  These reflect some of the most requested features by users of Cost2Drive.com along with a few others that…well…we just thought you’d like.

Thanks to everyone that voted for CarTripper in this week’s competition, and it wouldn’t feel right to close this post without acknowledging some of the other  startups we competed with, especially Home4Dance which put up a valiant fight right to the end (leaving me with more white hairs on my head than I care to count).  I’m a big fan of the arts and love what they are doing so I’m glad to see they are back on the slate for week 3 voting.  You can check them out and vote for them here as well as view the video we submitted for CarTripper.

Home4Dance put up a tenacious fight

One other competitor from last week that my wife really liked was Clique, a social dating application (should I be worried?).  For some reason they seemed very underrepresented in the voting given their logical approach to the very lucrative dating market so you may want to check them out as well.

Although one may think the startup world is full of cut-throat competitors that hate each other, the reality is there’s a tight kinship and empathy that develops among entrepreneurs and so we all want to see others succeed.  With that let me tip my hat to our other competitors from last week’s competition (Bean Sprout and Voyurl) and thank Bloomberg TV and TechStars for putting together this program.

Happy Driving!