Memorial Day RoadTweets

Here at C2G we LOVE to drive, and so we’re focused on building tools that help people plan and experience better car trips.  One of the products we’ve built is RoadTweets, an iPhone application that makes it super easy to share travel experiences  from the road.  It integrates with Twitter and Facebook to enable you to send trip updates with photos to your family and friends while you are traveling.

Since we launched RoadTweets last fall over 10,000 people have downloaded the application and have “tweeted” from over 40 countries.  Not surprisingly we saw alot of activity over Memorial Day weekend as RoadTweeters across the US kicked off the unofficial start of summer by hitting the road.  We wanted to share some of the photos they took to illustrate how RoadTweets can be used to make travel even more fun.

Snow on Memorial Day weekend?

We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend…and yes, as referenced in the picture to the left, while much of the United States had gorgeous weather this holiday one  RoadTweets user in Edmonton, Canada had the misfortune of experiencing snow over Memorial Day weekend  :-0

Enjoy the pictures below and Happy Driving!!

If you have an iPhone why not download RoadTweets today and start sharing your travel experiences WHILE you experience them!

Please note that RoadTweets is NOT designed to be used while driving.  Please be smart and safe and keep both hands on the wheel at all time.

I've added a trip photo from Mohawk, NY, USA!

I've added a trip photo from Ocean Shores, WA, USA! check out the view from our room!

RoadTweeting from Ocean Shores, WA, USA!

I've added a trip photo from Edmonton, AB, Canada! Snow is for winter. Edmonton, suck my sheep!

I've added a trip photo from Jasper, AB, Canada! Icefields parkway!

RoadTweeting from West Chesterfield, NH, USA!

Here's a trip update from Chandler, AZ, USA! visiting family

Here's a trip update from Wakkanai, Japan


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