Cost2Drive Becomes More Social

Adds Facebook Like Button to Website

Facebook Like Button

A few weeks ago at their f8 developer conference, Facebook announced a new feature that Websites can easily add to their sites; the ‘Like’ button.  The button, which Facebook refers to as a ‘plug in’, allows visitors to a site to indicate that they like something they found on the site, or that they like the site in general.

Because so many of our users at send us feedback telling us how much they like our application, we thought it made perfect sense to streamline the feedback process by letting them quickly click a button to indicate their affinity to our site.  Since launching the button a little over a week ago over 180 visitors have indicated that they ‘Like’ it.

Here’s how it works: When a user visits they now see the Like button along with a counter showing the number of people that have Liked the site.  If they are logged into Facebook, they’ll also see the names of any of their Facebook friends that have also Liked the site.  Some sites may also include  profile pictures along with a comment box, but we decided to just display names at this point.

If the user clicks on the Like button and is not logged into Facebook they will be prompted to do so.  If they are already logged into Facebook the counter will immediately increase by one, and the item that they Like will be added into their Facebook profile information.    A notice will go out through the user’s Facebook newsfeed as well notifying their  friends that they have Liked that item and provide a link back so they can check it out.

Before we added the Facebook Like button to the only way for a user to notify us that they liked our site was to visit our Feedback Page and send us a comment.  We were thrilled with the volume of positive comments coming through that mechanism (see some examples from January below) but we knew that the process had a little too much friction in it and so we’re delighted to now have a much quicker and simpler way for our fans indicate that that they like  (Update: Since I started writing this post, three more fans have Liked us :-))

Do you like Cost2Drive? Let us know by clicking on the new Like button!


One response to “Cost2Drive Becomes More Social

  1. Wonderful site! I will use it often.

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